Meet me in the Underworld RESTOCK FAQ


Restock FAQ

What time will the collection and palettes be available?

More palettes will be available on 1st June at 6pm BST (UK TIME) to convert this to other time zones you can use an online time conversion calculator such as this one

When will the collection/bundle be back in stock

For our 1st June restock - this will be for palettes only. Restock of the full collection will be during our large restock later in the Summer.

Will I be able to get a palette in the restock?

We have a few hundred more palettes available on 1st June - however our mailing/waiting list still exceeds current stock availability. We are hoping many of you manage to get your hands on the Meet Me In the Underworld palette this restock, however we do have a much larger restock later in Summer that will ensure we can keep the palette in stock for a longer amount of time and less panic to check out as soon as it goes live. For updates on the next restock, please subscribe to our mailing list via our home page subscribe form.

Is the palette Limited Edition?

The palette is Limited Edition in the sense that it will not be a permanent palette in our range, however, we are currently producing alot more in order for it to be available on our website, until we have our next collection ready and then we are able to make room and replace with new collections and releases. 

How many palettes can I buy?

Due to demand, we are limiting palette sales to 2 per customer. If you are interesting in wholesale - please contact us at 

Shipping has increased on my international order, since I ordered in March, why is that?

Our shipping is calculated by order weight. For a long time, we offered a lower price, and covered the difference on International orders, but as the company grows and we have more orders to ship, it is making it hard to keep doing this while keeping product price as fair as possible. Some orders will cost £10 at checkout, and £30 to actually ship - so we have now updated our weights and shipping rates to reflect this. 

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