Meet me in the Underworld launch/restock FAQ


I missed out on the preorder even though I was on the website on time

Unfortunately our PREORDER went out a few minutes earlier than planned. This is due to scheduling issues. For launch day we will manually set the listings live at exactly 5pm BST. Even with the products being a few minutes early, we didn't predict how quickly the stock would go!

I missed out because I didn't get an email

We sent an email to those who are subscribed to our mailing list on April 17th - the day before Preorder advising of the presale and time the product would go live. If you are subscribed and missed this, please check we are not being filtered to your junk folder and that you did opt in for email marketing. We also posted this on our social media channels. 

I managed to order during presale, when will I get my parcel?

All orders including preorder items will start to ship 27th April. You may begin to receive tracking information earlier as our system sends these out once a postage label has been generated, but tracking will be updated on 27th to reflect parcels leaving the facility. If we manage to finish packing the preorders sooner, we may be able to dispatch earlier - however 27th is the official shipping date.

Why did you do a presale/pre-order?

We are a very small business that only launched last year, and when placing the order for Meet me in the Underworld, the original quantities reflected our current sales. Increased interest, web traffic, and social media shares made us question if we had enough, therefore decided to offer a portion of palettes/bundles up for preorder to be able to gage what the reaction was and act accordingly. We sold out in 10 minutes and immediately was able to place a bigger order for a restock. It also gave us the opportunity to ensure all orders are packed and ready to go ahead of release.

Launch day FAQ

What time will the collection and palettes be available?

Official launch is 28th April at 5pm BST (UK TIME) to convert this to other time zones you can use an online time conversion calculator such as this one

How much is the palette/bundle? I can't see on website as it is currently not in stock?

The palette is £28.99 and the bundle is £78.99 (RRP individually £94.99)

Will I be able to get a palette on launch day?

We hope we have enough stock, however, due to the demand on PREORDER day, there is a possibility of selling out again. For fastest checkout on the day, we recommend making an account and having your shipping information ready to go, as well as any other products you are looking to purchase, ready in your cart. We do have a lot more stock already in production for a restock which will be end of May/beginning of June. For updates on the next restock, please subscribe to our mailing list via our home page subscribe form.

Will you restock the palette?

More palettes are already in production, as well as brush sets and sponges for the bundles.

Will you email before it goes live?

We will have an email go out on the day to remind you of the launch - however due to emails not all going out at once (it usually takes around an hour to deliver to our whole mailing list) it will not be at the exact launch time, instead will send out a few hours ahead of time. We will also be posting about the launch on the day across our social media platforms.

Is the palette Limited Edition?

The palette is Limited Edition in the sense that it will not be a permanent palette in our range, however, we are planning to restock for a while, until we have our next collection ready in which case we will stop producing the Meet Me in the Underworld palette, to make room and replace with new collections and releases. But you can expect it to be around for a while before it is discontinued! 

How many palettes can I buy?

Due to demand, we are limiting palette & bundle sales to 2 per customer. 

Shipping has increased on my international order, why is that?

Our shipping is calculated by order weight. For a long time, we offered a lower price, and covered the difference on International orders, but as the company grows and we have more orders to ship, it is making it hard to keep doing this while keeping product price as fair as possible. Some orders will cost £10 at checkout, and £30 to actually ship - so we have now updated our weights and shipping rates to reflect this.

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